Glamour Photography and You

Glamour-Photo6Since a lot of people want to know more information about glamour photography, we are going to write a short article about this interesting topic. We will start off by defining what glamour photography is, then its history will be covered, and so on.

What is glamour photography?

glamour-photography-1Glamour photography is just a genre of photography wherein the subjects, mostly females, are portrayed in exciting and erotic positions ranging from nude to fully clothed in ways that may or may not draw attention to their vulva or nipples. This type of photography is less scandalous than erotica and pornography, though the term could be used as a euphemism for the term erotic photography. (You may check Houman Photography that offer professional glamour photography in Toronto).


modern-glamour-photoGlamour photography started in the second half of the 20th century, and was commonly referred to as erotic photography. This type of photography was early associated with French postcards, which were small cards sold by vendors in the streets of France. The pinup become rather popular in the 90s which depicted many women scantily dressed. Marilyn Monroe was in the cover of Playboy Magazine’s first issue.

Popular Movement and Magazines

Glamour photography style and standards have varied depending on taste and social acceptance. Once upon a time, this sort of photography was considered illegal. In the 20s some photographers were encouraging celebrities to glamorize their style by means of some lighting effects in their photographs.

The Techniques

Photographers working in this field teach models the basic poses. In addition, they make sure the picture is taken in the right place. Moreover, photographers make sure the lighting is neither basic nor too short.

We have talked about glamour photography and the many things that comprise this phenomenon in the photography world. Glamour photography should not be mistaken for pornography or erotica, though it is related somehow to them as you might have noticed in the previous paragraphs about glamour photo shoots and intimate glamour.

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